Walking In The Light

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Sermon Notes

“Walking in the Light”    Isaiah 2:1-8

 In Isaiah 2:5 there is an invitation to “Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”  “Walking in the Light” is also a common New Testament theme.  The prophecies of Isaiah help us understand when we are walking in the light, and when we are not.

Signs of a People Walking in Darkness:

  • Too much like the rest of the world. (2:6)
  • Too much dependence on material wealth. (2:7a)
  • Too much dependence on military might. (2:7b)
  • Too much human pride resulting in idolatry. (2:8)

Signs of Walking in the Light of the Lord:

  • A commitment to worship. (2:2-3)
  • An acceptance of all people.
  • Taking a stand for justice. (2:4a)
  • Striving for peace. (2:4b)

Let us, as followers of Jesus, set a positive example for our neighbors and our nation.  Then let us also offer the invitation to come and walk in the light of the Lord.