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Broadus Covenant

We believe in God the Father and in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Under the impact of His Holy Spirit, we consecrate ourselves to His service, the study of His Holy Word, and unity with one another in covenant with our God.
We will live together in brotherly love.  We will help one another to think, speak and act as Christians.
We will remember each other in prayer and aid each other in sickness and distress.
We will make prayer a part of our daily living, seeking God’s help to enable us to do our daily tasks as Christians.
We will actively support the programs of the church through our attendance and participation, and will cheerfully contribute to its ministry.
We will seek to live to the glory of Him who has called us into His service.
Please click the link for a copy of our Vision & Values Report,
dated Sept. 22, 2019.