Our church receives members in three ways.  The first is upon profession of faith and believer’s baptism.  We believe the fundamental requirement for membership is a belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who came into the world as a man, died on the cross for our sins, and was raised from the dead.  A believer is one who follows Him as Lord and Savior, and accepts His gift of forgiveness and salvation.  Though baptism by immersion (dunking) is not necessary for salvation, it is an important command of Jesus that we still follow closely.  Christians coming to our church without the experience of immersion will be invited to participate in this meaningful symbol of faith.
Another way to become a member is by transfer of letter.  Most Baptist churches and many from other denominations of like faith and practice will notify one another when a person has moved their membership.  We accept verification from other churches of a person’s faith and baptism.
Finally, we will also accept a person upon their statement of faith and baptism.  In some cases, previous church records are no longer available and we will accept a person’s word that they are a baptized believer.
While church membership is not a requirement for salvation, it is an important and sacred step of faith and obedience.  Membership creates a strong identity with a church family and gives a strong witness to the community.  Still, our church welcomes all people into worship, Bible study and fellowship regardless of their background or religious affiliation.
In you are interested in membership, please call Pastor Phil at 804-779-2700, or email him at,  or speak with him about your decision on a Sunday morning.
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