A Note from the Pastor

Let me thank you for spending a few minutes surfing through our church web site.  I think it is definitely worth your while, particularly if you are searching for a church home in the Mechanicsville area.  I make no claims that this is the biggest church in the community, because I know we are not.  I also cannot claim that we have the holiest members or the most Spirit-filled worship, because those are not my judgments to make (fortunately!).  But there are some things I can tell you for sure about the Broadus Church that I know. 

First of all, this is a sweet group of people who have answered God’s call to serve Him together in this place.  During my time here at Broadus, there have been ups and downs, but all along I’ve known that God’s love and grace is practiced here.  I think this has been true throughout the history of the church, because there really could be no other way for the three pastors who preceded me to stay twenty-five to thirty-five years a piece, and each retire as beloved leaders.  But I know the calling to serve at Broadus is not just for staff members.  It is a calling for every member.

I also know this a place where spiritual gifts are valued and exercised.  Teachers are empowered to teach.  Helpers are equipped to help.  Encouragers are encouraged to encourage.  Those with musical skills are enlisted in worship leadership.  God doesn’t give gifts unless He wants them to be actively used to build up the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13).  Therefore, we are committed to plugging people in where they can be most fruitful and fulfilled.

We are also a church with a vision of outreach to the local community and the world.  Countless members have been on mission trips to places as close as Franklin, VA and as far as the Gulf Coast, Panama and Russia.  But for all this national and international travel, we haven’t lost sight of the mission field that exists in our own back yard.  We know there are people right here who are lost, hurting and searching.  We want to be the light that guides them to Jesus!

I’ve only scratched the surface, but if this describes what you are looking for in a church family, we hope you will come to visit us soon.  There’s a place for you here!

Pastor Phil

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