Shining in Times of Illness

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Sermon Notes

Our new worship series focuses on the times in life when your faith can shine the brightest for God.  In the gospel story of the New Testament, Jesus points out how this is often in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances.  The world is watching us, and needs to see the difference our faith in Christ makes!

Shining in Times of Illness – Mark 10:46-52

A blind man named Bartimaeus can teach us some valuable lessons about letting our faith shine even when dealing with great hardships and handicaps.

  • View your hardships as opportunities for God’s intervention.  (vv. 46-47)
  • Don’t give in to negativity. (v. 48)
  • Count on the compassion of Christ. (v. 49-50)
  • Articulate your heart’s desires to the Savior. (v. 51)
  • Accept the blessings He has to offer. (v. 52a)
  • Demonstrate your gratitude by following Jesus more closely. (v. 52b)